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Chemical Analysis Laboratory

The Chemicals Analysis Laboratory (CAL) offers chemical analysis services to different sectors of the economy. Various analysis are carried out regularly for chemical products (such as : soaps and detergents, soil, cement, corrugated iron sheet, petroleum products, toilet paper, paints etc…;) for Government, trade and public in general, to ascertain the quality and to evaluate compliance to Seychelles Standard.

Chemical analysis helps our clients to reduce costly quality problems, to identify root-cause quality tissues, to screen incoming raw material, to reduce incidents of trace impurities and contamination and to identify health issues.

Chemicals testing capabilities include:

  • Separation analysis
  • Quality Assurance testing
  • Material Characterizations
  • Research and others

Competent analysis in the field of chemistry and biochemistry manage the various laboratory equipment to a proper working order, and the services to a higher standard, ensuring reliable and confident test results.

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