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Functions & Core Activities

Functions of SBS

The functions of the bureau shall be to: –

  • promote standardisation in industry and commerce;
  • prepare draft standards and to declare them as Seychelles Standards;
  • make arrangements or provide facilities for the examination and testing commodities and any material or substance from which or with which they may be manufactured, produced, processed or treated and for the manner of such manufacture, production processing or treatment;
  • provide for use of standard marks;
  • provide for the assessment of manufacturing, process or management systems and the certification thereof;
  • provide for the examination, testing and calibration of instruments, appliances, apparatus, weights and measures and weighing and measuring instruments in relation to their accuracy;
  • provide for the testing of commodities manufactured in Seychelles or imported into Seychelles for the purpose of determining whether the commodities comply with the provisions of this Act or any other law dealing with standards or technical regulations;
  • levy such fees and charges for the performance of its functions as may be prescribed;
  • coordinate the international, regional and bilateral relations with other standardisation organisations;
  • conclude agreements with standardisation organisations in other countries;
  • maintain a national information centre on matters of standardisation, industry, science and technology;
  • collect and collate information on research and development of relevance to Seychelles and evaluate and disseminate research findings;
  • maintain relationships with corresponding research and “development organisations in other countries, where the national interest so requires, to control and coordinate research carried out in Seychelles;
  • comply with the non discriminatory principle related to standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures of trade agreements to which Seychelles is a party;
  • comply with the Code of Good Practice for the preparation, adoption and application of standards as set out in trade agreements to which Seychelles is a party;
  • prepare, implement and execute, the at the request and subject to directions of the Minister, programmes in areas of industry, science and technology not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act; and
  • any other functions as may be conferred upon the Bureau by the Minister.

 Core Activities of SBS

The core activities of the bureau are:

  • Standardisation.
  • Conformity Assessment (inspection, testing and certification).
  • Metrology