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The Seychelles bureau of standards offers a wide range of testing services ranging from microbiological, chemical and engineering testing.


Environmental Laboratory

Environment Laboratory tests samples for trace chemical compounds and pollutants. Analysts operate state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation. Samples are tested to check its conformity to Standards and Regulations. Analytical capabilities include trace analysis for metals, contaminants, and other materials. <<read more>>

Food Chemistry Laboratory

The Food Chemistry Laboratory offers a wide range of food chemistry testing services to the food and beverage industry. Our experience is gained from more than 25 years of assisting the industry. We carry out routine chemistry analyses as well as provide nutritional analysis and labelling information about products. <<read more>>

Chemical Analysis Laboratory

The Chemicals Analysis Laboratory (CAL) offers chemical analysis services to different sectors of the economy. Various analysis are carried out regularly for chemical products (such as : soaps and detergents, soil, cement, corrugated iron sheet, petroleum products, toilet paper, paints etc…;) for Government, trade and public in general, to ascertain the quality and to evaluate compliance to Seychelles Standard. <<read more>>

Food Microbiology Laboratory

The food Microbiology Laboratory of SBS offers testing facilities which are vital to the producers and manufacturers of food and agricultural products. Competent Analysts in the field in the field of Microbiology manage the Microbiology laboratory of SBS. Proper diligence is practiced to obtain reliable and confident test results by the application of various Quality control measures and the use of standard reference material. We also offer a wide range of conformity assessment services for food manufacturing and processing industries. <<read more>>

Construction Material Laboratory

The important to have construction material laboratory is to ensure that building material is tested prior or during construction phase to verify if it comply with standards and can withstand anticipated design load. The soil tests mainly for civil engineering purposes are: Comparison test, Liquid limit, Plastic limit, Plasticity index, California bearing ratio test and moisture content. <<read more>>

Gas Cylinder Testing Centre

The objective of the gas cylinder testing Centre is to ensure that refillable gas cylinders, especially diving cylinders are periodically tested in accordance with the mandatory Standard SS11:2005 – Standard Specification for Inspection and Testing of refillable Gas Cylinders. The GCTC also conducts routine inspection at diving centres /business to ensure that diving cylinders in the dive centres/business are complying with the requirements of the SS11. <<read more>>