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Seychelles delegation attends Seafood Expo Global

Seychelles delegation attends Seafood Expo Global


A five-member Seychelles delegation is attending the Belgian Seafood Expo Global being held in Brussels, Belgium from April 24-26, 2018.

The delegation consists of representatives from the Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA), Seychelles Bureau of Standards (SBS), Fish Boat Owners Association (FBOA) and Seychelles Investment Board (SIB).

The Belgian Seafood Expo Global is the world’s biggest seafood trade fair with more than 1,875 exhibiting companies from 79 countries in addition to 28,500 buyers, suppliers and other seafood professional from 150 countries. The aim of the delegates are multi-faceted in nature, hence the eclectic composition of the group.

“We hope to identify new markets where Seychelles can export its fish. We will also be actively looking for business partnerships for current Seychellois-based food processors,” said Lenny Gabriel, deputy chief executive of SIB.

Technical representatives from SFA and SBS will be on the lookout for the latest post-harvest technologies as well as any new innovative value addition initiatives which can be implemented in Seychelles.

“It is key for us to have knowledge of new food safety best practises such as GMP and HACCP implementation techniques. The discerning customers are nowadays demanding higher and higher quality of fish. It is thus important for Seychelles to remain abreast of new best practises if we wish to remain competitive in this cut-throat market,” pointed out Christopher Hoareau of SBS.

The members will also be conducting a scouting mission to scope out the stalls of other countries to survey the products on offer, their prices, quality and stall layout with view of a possible Seychelles participation in 2019. Having a stall at such an exposition is expensive, thus if Seychelles decides to take part, it will be a collective effort under the Seychelles flag consisting of various government agencies as well as members from the private business community.